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Global Networking Survey

Red Cientifica Peruana
From: js@cahuide.rcp.net.pe (Jose Soriano)
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 13:50:09 +0000 (GMT)

Global Networking Survey

Section 1: Coordinates

Name of the network : RED CIENTIFICA PERUANA
Contact person/point: Jose Soriano
- Red Cientifica Peruana
Postal address
Av. Alonso de la Molina 1698
- Monterrico
- Lima
- Peru
Telephone Number
- TE: ( 51 -14) 36 89 89 anexo 527 /
Fax Number
- fax: 36 40 67
e-mail address

Section 2: Network

1. Scope of the network (check all that apply)

Academic [X]
General Research [X]
Government [X]
Commercial [X]
Special Interest Group [X] Specify Schools, BBS, Lybrarians...
Other [] Specify________

2. Description

Operating since 1991
Registered users 7,716
Active users 6,900 (connected at least once a
month during the last 3 months)

3. Approximately, what percent of your users would you estimate as being

_____ University and research faculty staff
_____ University students
_____ Government employees
_____ Commercial employees
_____ NGO employees
_____ Employees of International organizations, e.g.,
(UNESCO, PNUD, OAS, IADB, and World Bank)
_____ Other ______________________

4. Do you charge for services Yes [X] No []

If Yes, specify charging methods (check all that apply)
X Free to end users
X Fixed charges to end users ( in RCP hosts )
____ Variable (usage-based) charge to end users
____ Free to end institutions (such as a university)
X Fixed charged to institutions
____ Variable (usage-based) charge to institutions

5. What is the approximate annual budget for your network
connection and/or information center? 1994 - 360.000 USA$
1995 - 980.000 USA$
6. Of that budget, approximately what percent is used for

* communication equipment
* computer equipment
17.0 communication charges
57.4 technical staff : and support are in the same budget of
22 peoples.
17.0 management staff: We make subcontratation of outside
services of accounting and finantial
consulting companies.
____ support staff
17.0 facilities
* software
0.6 overhead
2.8 other Trips, subscriptions, etc..

* This are different accounts for us. The * means 53.6 percent of
investements for 1995.

7. Type(s) of connection(s) or gateway(s) out of your country

_____ UUCP
_____ Fidonet
_____ Bitnet
_____ Other _______________________

8. Communication links(s) out of your country (for each link)

Speed 128 K
Leased or switched Leased
Where do you connect? NSF BACKBONE

9. Approximately, what percent of your users have

We are not talking about end-users but about institutional networks
in this case.

65 e-mail only
10 dial-in access to a command line account on a host
10 dial-in SLIP/PPP connectivity
5 full-time IP connectivity

10. Approximately, what percent of hosts on your network run

____ an FTP server
____ a WWW (http) server
____ a Gopher server
____ a list server
____ a news server
____ a dial-up bulletin board
____ a library catalogue

11. Of the hosts of your network, what of each type?

X Personal computers running DOS
X Personal computers running Microsoft Windows
X Personal computers running Unix
____ Personal computers running Mac OS
X Unix workstations
____ Other workstations
X Unix minicomputers
____ Other minicomputers
____ Unix mainframes
____ Other mainframes
X Other IPX ( Novell networks )

12. Approximately, what percent of the hosts in your network communicate via

9 IP
____ Fido
____ Bitnet
____ Other ________________

Section 3: Help-desk and user support

1. Is there a help-desk or other central point for queries? Yes [X] No []

Postal address
Av Larco 770
Lima 18 - Miraflores

Telephone number : (51 14 ) 45 51 68
e-mail address

2. Is a general user guide available? Yes [X] No []

Paper [X] Electronic [X]

3. User group support activities
Describe here activities to support user groups in using the network.
All the staff support end-users and are trained for this. For us this is
the key of our work. We have a specialiced group of our team dedicately
exclusively to give support and trainning to institutios ( networks ) or
end users. We make manuals and translation of information about Internet to
spanish ( also software ).

4. Training activities and workshops
Describe here activities to train and inform user support staff.

We open a public kiosque. In there we give training free courses all days
from 9 AM to 9 PM. This courses are from use of Internet to how to build an
campus network. The courses are free or very cheap that depends of
complexitie ( UNIX, IP, etc ) have a little charge ( 10 USA$ for person) to
pay expenses.
We give hands-on training and also conferences in this place or in
the universities, ngo's, schools, entreprises, etc...

5. Other activities
Describe here any other activities on your network you consider
relevant. Comments (plans, etc.)

National and regional backbones. National Postmaster annual metting.
Lima workshop of "Escuela latinoamericana de redes".

Section 4: Success stories

Could you give some examples of users or applications which best
illustrate the value of your network?

interest group lists ( 51 )

Jose Soriano - Red Cientifica Peruana - e-mail js@rcp.net.pe
Av. Alonso de la Molina 1698 Monterrico - Lima - Peru
TE ( 51 -14) 36 89 89 anexo 527 / fax: 36 40 67

Frente a las igualmente invalidas posiciones del optimismo y del
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