domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2006

Internet access in Uruguay

Uruguayan APC Member takes on the telecomms Big Boys with Latin American flavoured Internet Strategy

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay -- Chasque, APC member in Uruguay, plans to open up Internet access in Uruguay by providing telecentres throughout the country’s interior; less lucrative territory which until now ignored by larger scale Internet access providers in Uruguay in favour of the lucrative capital, Montevideo.

With their new partners, the Red Científica Peruana, a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) from Peru, which maintains the ‘non-profit’ ideals of its origins despite capturing 50% of the Peruvian ISP market share through popularizing telecentres, Chasque is planning to take on the large telecommunications companies in Uruguay and build a uniquely Latin American Internet ISP marketing strategy at the same time.

For More Information

Interview with Magela Sigillito of Chasque, Jose Soriano of the Red Científica Peruana, Carlos Afonso (Brazil) and Roberto Bissio (ITeM) in Spanish:

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